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2020 – the year of strange. The strangest that occurred this year? A change in us. In March I have seen people panic-buying. Toilet paper demand supposedly shot up 845% during the coronavirus pandemic! Nearly half of all grocery stores in the United States were out of stock of toilet paper for one day in April. My stepbrother told me there is a hashtag for that: #toiletpapergate. Experiencing nervousness made us start buying more than we should, which is “normal”. In a crisis, people may think that they will run out of certain goods, which causes them to buy these in large quantities. This unusual behavior is generated by fear, emotions, and social influences. It gives us a sense of control over the situation, security, comfort, or momentary escape. Social distancing drastically changed our lives, I feel it took the already massive role of social media to another level. Never before in the history of our existence on this planet were we surrounded by so much media. We are literally flooded with information, drowning in it. #moltocoelho

Humans are longing for unpleasant news. Scientists say it’s not only because of “Schadenfreude”. (This German word might sound pretty but it means deriving pleasure from another person’s misfortune.)

We long for unpleasant news because we have evolved to quickly react to potential threats. After all, most people want to feel safe and comfortable. Feeling safe means keeping threats away from ourselves. Watching other people suffer on TV gives us a weird feeling of security, “bad things are going on in the world, but it has not touched ME yet, I am good for now!”. Before 2020 I thought our brains have a tendency to judge the present more brutally.

This year… I changed my mind. These past months showed me how ductile and bendy our perception can be. The more bombarded I was this year, the more emotionless/ impassive/ indifferent/ neutral/ unconcerned/ uninterested/ uninvolved/ unmoved/ uncaring/ unresponsive I became. 

The on-going global pandemic, police brutality, protests, conspiracy theories, Australia’s devastating bushfires, Kanye announcing his presidential plans, Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gigi dying in a helicopter crash, Brexit, George Floyds’ murder.. does this list end?! No. Protesters set fire to Guatemala’s Congress building, fighting against president Giammattei and the legislature for approving a budget that cut educational and health spending. Trump, Terror attacks and riots in France, the massive ammonium nitrate explosion that shattered Beirut in August, compounding the ongoing Lebanese political and economic crisis even more. Devastating floods in Indonesia, Delhi riots that included waves of bloodshed and property destruction.. I found myself in this Tsunami of disturbance. 

It’s like having a disappointing boyfriend by your side who fucks you over all the time. Mood: disappointed but not surprised. A very dangerous, unpleasant, dry state of mind. Almost like expecting for something bad to happen over and over and being kinda okay with it.

What will happen next? There is an old saying meant to be a blessing: “May you live in interesting times!”. It turned into a curse in 2020. 

What shook me wide awake was my own country, my own shitstorm, right in front of my door. Women-led protests in my home-country, Poland, against the controversial abortion ruling and police violence: in reality- a fight for democracy.

Should we feel guilty for our natural reflex to care most about what is happening right in front of us? For some reason I do.

I feel a mix of anger and arrousal but also hope. Hope that things are going to change and we will find a solution and be more peaceful.

The only thing that gives me this trivial feeling of peace of mind is forcing myself to do luxurious things: spend time with my loved ones and embrace it, focus on realizing my several goals. Even if I have the feeling that the world is coming to an end this particular day and I will be there to witness it. I keep telling myself „FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT! You will succeed and win and achieve your goals. Surrounded by peaceful, smart and brave people who inspire you to be better every day.”

That is how I keep myself busy and sane these days.

I cherish my love for instruments, singing or doing crafts: sewing, knitting, painting, drawing, embroidering, illustrating, making collages. Arts and craft supplies have seen a record number of online sales this year. I contributed to that- big time! The sit-at-home-situation brought on by the pandemic inspired a wave of new molto projects.

Now I want YOU to show me what you do when you want to make yourself feel good, feel molto you. The most molto creator will win a bag. There is no limit to creativity, if you feel molto while photographing cute random dogs on the beach, or you like to draw on the palm of your hand- you contribute that. Even if it’s a casual photo taken with your phone: with ~ a hint of creativity ~ it creates a lifestyle-vibe that I am after. Everyone in the world can take part. The only condition is: you create that work yourself and therefore have all legal rights to it 🙂

Feel free to post pictures, collages, moodboards, videos, gifs, memes.

Post on your public Instagram social media channel. It can be a..


where you show me what it means for you

Add #moltome and tag @moltostore and You are in!

The audience will decide who is the most MOLTO person 2020
before Christmas so if you win you will get your MOLTO bag
right on time to start 2021 with MOLTO support.

Time to join the contest 6.12 – 20.12.2020
Time to vote 21.12-23.12.2020
Time to winner announcement – 24.12.2020

Information about the contest here:

Some of my own works I would post in a molto contest like this:

posing molto with neoprene bags handmade
Quarantine handmade Neoprene Bags
molto posing illustrations made by molto
..some illustrations I worked on in Adobe Fresco
molto handmade neoprene bag
testing colourful lenses molto
tried out some new colourful contact lenses..!
molto illustration artwork adobe fresco on ipad
got a thing for drippy drawings/letters since the 90ties.
artwork during quaratine moltoblog
Vintage scupltures I ordered online at and painted.
420 illustration artwork adobe fresco
puppy pinscher portrait
this King is my inspiration every day.
beach photography by michal dziengo
Random buddy met on the beach / foto: MDziengo
michal dziengo horse caught on the beach
#couplegoals / foto: MDziengo
sopot beach in autumn by michal dziengo
Is there a place better than Sopot? Pic by MDziengo
designer molto portrait
dog brand tailor by paulina skibicka
My friend Paulina created her own brand, she makes bad-ass custom Doggy-pieces, check her out: CLICK!
art work moltoblog jumpsuit
I am planning on painting this jeans jumpsuit with this motive I created.
michal dziengo for answear collage by molto for moltoblog
Some creative Molto Work, random.
jnl pomades kremik handcreme deluxe
I am using this hand creme for a while now, AMAZING. Wholehearted recommendation. Available here: CLICK!

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