MOLTO LEGENDS – meet Tomi! Childhood BFF gone dapper Scientist.

Gut health is such a hot topic at the moment, right? Dozens of books, podcasts, blogposts are literally flooding our brains with information about how to keep your intestines sexiflexi. Ever wondered who sits on the other side of these words you keep reading and hearing while looking for ways to improve your tummy’s well-being? […]

Molto Love captured by Krzysztof Antas & Purple Lips

Power-couple Magdalena and Krzysztof from South Poland visited the Baltic Coast. These people are not just content creators. Beautiful Magdalena Antas aka Purple Lips and her husband photographer Krzysztof Antas came to our polish coast to charge their batteries.. and take pictures. We had a great time shooting with these two. Krzysztof captured us just […]

Why and how CoWorking Spaces boost your creativity!

Swietlica CoWork - a creative space that will boost your creativity
Coworking is an arrangement in which like-minded professionals who are not employed by the same organization, work independently or collaboratively in a shared office. That allows cost savings and convenience through the use of common infrastructures, such as equipment, utilities, and amenities found in a typical office space. But people who are self-employed or working for different […]

MOLTO LEGENDS – meet Wojtek Korsak. How one meeting made me enroll in school again

Wojtek Korsak: Artist-photographer, winner of prestigious competitions, lecturer, traveler, Pole and French, author of several awarded albums.. and owner of one of the largest collections of black and white negatives immortalizing the Eiffel Tower that he took for maaaaany years. He also exhibited pictures of the Tower ON the Parisian tower itself! Wojtek is an […]’s about the sizzle, not the sausauge ? Cosmos Museum Warsaw ? Molto Soldier Boy

Julia Zakrzewicza Photoshoot
We drove to Warsaw for a few hours, Michael took sizzling pictures with fashion- photographer Julia Zakrzewicz while I was strolling around Warsaw with Fael, my content creator/capturer/prince. We also made a stop at the insta-famous Cosmos Museum- we wanted a taste of these pompous glittery visual illusions that flooded our brains the past weeks […]

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