MOLTO LEGENDS – meet DJ SONYA, a Vibrant Ocean

Molto Legends is a series I had in mind for a long time. I want to introduce some of the outstanding personalities that inspire me and my fellow Molto companions on a daily basis- people who dare to live molto legendary. Here she comes, meet numero uno: SONYA

She is beautiful, talented AF, smart, confident yet uber-humble, and down to earth. The embodiment of bad-ass-ism. This goal digger is a legend in our hometown and for good reason. She started her mind-blowing career as a DJ and social media personality from scratch just a few years ago. Even though she is extremely sweet, chilled, and has this delicate sophisticated way to hypnotize you- Sonya says she has a hustler mentality: she always chose growth over comfort. Thanks to that she is leaving her footprint across the Middle East, Europe, and the USA- currently ranked within the Top 10 DJ’s in the Middle East and Top 100 Female DJ’s in the World! Sonya’s magic is not only her phenomenal sense for mixing your favorite tracks with forgotten musical treasures from the 90ties in a way that massages and makes your brain explode at the same time. She extends her performance with her appearance: sexy smooth attitude and supremely stylish outfits. Believe me, you rarely experience someone so complete as a “product”. This woman is a real tastemaker and connects music, fashion, hairstyles, and makeup in most unexpected ways without ever being “too much” or trying too hard. She always looks effortless. Musically her signature style includes a mix of Hip-Hop, soulful Funk, House & Pop tunes. Thanks to that a hot list of fashion, music, and corporate clients like Hermes, YSL, Louboutin, Paco Rabanne, Versace, Nike, and now MOLTO ? are under her spell. To top it off, she was the Opening Act for Bruno Mars at New Years Eve welcoming 2020… mindblowing. But somehow: no surprise, RIGHT? ?‍♀️. I know Sonya since the early 2000s when she used to teach Hip Hop and Dancehall Choreographies at a local dance school- SmoothMoves. Although I rigorously participated and was highly encouraged to be and dance like Sonya one day, I never managed to remember more than a series of 10 consecutive steps and my dance career ended as fast as it started. Our ways parted but thanks to the world wide web I watched her and her career blossom and finally explode. I asked Sonya if I could capture her bad-ass vibe in a Molto photoshoot – we would shut down a supermarket and make it her stage. She was all in right away. The pics we took with this miraculous human are perfectly showing how she makes us feel: screaming from excitement and super-calm at the same time, she is the personification of an enormously vibrant ocean. I illustrated some of the pictures our photographer Fael took, to emphasize her easy sophistication. I hope you enjoy as much as we did realizing this first project of our Molto Legend series.

Dare to live & be molto legendary! And follow this divine flower on her social media networks right now: CLICK: Sonyas Instagram & CLICK: DJ SONYAs Soundcloud

Ladies and Gentlemen, have a taste of DJ SONYA through our lense:

Sonya Dj truszkowski gif by molto for moltoblog and
Teddy Bag in Hot Pink & Silky Fluo Bucket Bag / soon available at &
Captivating look by DJ SONYA Truszkowska modeling for
Sexy Dj SONYA modeling for Moltoblog with teddy bag in hot pink furry accessories by
Illustrations by Molto on Sonya Model for Moltoblog and
DJ SONYA light and fire performance for MoltoBlog.Com
DJ SONYA throwing a belt bag by and moltoblog
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sonya truszkowski croco belt modeling for moltostore and moltoblog
sonya modeling for moltoblog moltostore teddy bag and nike dunks with rolex
dj sonya truszkowski for moltoblog watermelon babe
DJ SONYA catwalking in leather dress for MOLTO BLOG
Bringing you the juice
Molto swinging a Molto Teddy Bag in hot pink soon available at
Me at the Molto Candyshop ?‍♀️
DJ SONYA Truszkowska juicy watermelon photoshoot by Fael Portrait
DJ SONYA model and DJ posing with Molto Bags
Teddy Bag by MoltoStore for Molto Blog
DJ Sonya SuperStar
molto cashing out

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