MOLTO LEGENDS – Marta Dębska, our Baltic Fire

Initially, this post was a tribute to Marta Dębska and her work as a photographer and content creator, the undisputed champion of shutter speed. These past days thousands of women were protesting against Poland’s new abortion laws in cities across the country.

Now, this post is about a powerful activist and influencer, a passionate human being who has no fear to fight for what she feels is right. Marta is all about emotions and throws a piece of herself in everything she does.

Seeing her engagement and standing up for her beliefs during the strike inspired me. Being a digital influencer means being on display 24/7, people judge and criticize your words and actions. Using your impact to show and speak about things and values that are not always comfortable and pleasant to everyone – that to me is true valuable power. On a regular day -which no one else besides Marta would call REGULAR- she is somewhere out there constantly challenging her creativity by capturing the beauty of situations. She loves street photography and shooting human emotions, makes wedding stories, and works on huge commercial projects all over the world. Pressing the shutter button in her camera makes her feel alive- her soulful photographs are her mood, her brain, and her heart. Before Covid fucked us over she frequently traveled the world: producing content in the Caribbean for a sailing company, taking drone-pictures of astonishing spots in Miami (that were later published in NBA-magazines!), photographing kite-champions and close friends like Katarzyna Lange or Victor Borsuk flying over all sorts of wild waves around the world.. this woman did it all. Above that, she is an experienced and passionate kitesurfer herself. She loves to set goals and pursue them but one can feel it’s the journey that makes her heart jump and grow.

Watching this artist work you cannot close her in a stereotype-box, every project is different from the previous one and yet you feel this perceptible DĘBSKA-DNA in every piece. She freezes time in one click and puts tremendous effort to show the reality of life in her digital journal to share with us. Marta encourages me to have an open mind, dream big and take action. No matter if it’s tears of joy, sadness, or anger.. she makes them all beautiful and important.

These pictures were taken on a casual happy day in Hel, Poland. I illustrated some of them to show how they make me feel inside.

Thank you Marta!

PS: Marta was there to take pictures while my surprise-engagement last month.. but that deserves a separate post- stay tuned!

Marta and her two dogs/ illustrated by me

Check out Martas work here>>>>



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