MOLTO LEGENDS – meet Tomi! Childhood BFF gone dapper Scientist.

Gut health is such a hot topic at the moment, right? Dozens of books, podcasts, blogposts are literally flooding our brains with information about how to keep your intestines sexiflexi. Ever wondered who sits on the other side of these words you keep reading and hearing while looking for ways to improve your tummy’s well-being? Well, it is my childhood BFF, Tomi, whom I have known for over 30 years. Tomi is working on the interactions between the immune and nervous system in the gut. In a laboratory.. in New York. A badass SCIENTIST. That already sounds too cool to be true! But it’s just the tip of the iceberg of this mind-blowing man’s story.

One of his biggest achievements was softening the cultural shock that I suffered from after moving from Germany to Poland at age 11. We all know there is nothing comparable to the pubertal teenager-ish over-emotional hormonal rollercoaster everyone goes through at age 11+ . Add these terribly schmaltzy emotions to… MOVING TO A NEW COUNTRY where you have to face other pre-teens with a completely different mentality than you are used to. My parents spoke polish at home so I spoke some.. but GIRL!!! I had to learn a whole NEW LANGUAGE. The amount of new swear words and slang in polish, overwhelming. Luckily I had Tomi who introduced me to all the bad words instantly. We started with “dupa” (ass) and “świnia” (pig), but quickly moved to higher levels of eloquence. Semantics 2.0. Thank you for that, my friend.

Apart from helping me to fit in and feel cool, making magic mixtures, foretelling from crystal balls, and exploring haunted houses, Tomi obtained a Ph.D. in Molecular Basis of CD4+ T Cell Help for the Cytotoxic T Cell Response. What? I don’t know but it has something to do with how vaccines work. He lived and worked in San Francisco, Amsterdam, and is now continuing his scientific career in New York, concentrating on immunology, virology, and microbiology. WOW.

I am sorry, that is still not everything. This scientist is also a genius when it comes to fashion. His style and taste – exquisite. I think dapper is the right word- always on fleek, never over the top, with an unexpected fashionista twist. SO GOOD.

While Tomi’s visit in Sopot last week he got a Molto Bag for himself. Obviously, I had to ask him if Michael and I could capture his spirit, take some pictures of and with him. He agreed and below… the outcome. I absolutely LOVE every picture we shot. What do you think? And, can you guess which Bag he got?

Thank you COSMA Sopot (<<CLICK!!>>) for your hospitality! You should visit this Cafe in Sopot and check out their amazing coffee and cakes. They also host art exhibitions- check it out!

Molto Belt Bag
Tomi, Molto & M. Popinigis at Cosma Cafe Sopot
…and that’s Tomi & Molto 32 years ago!

*All pictures taken by Michał Dziengo & me*

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