Molto Love captured by Krzysztof Antas & Purple Lips

Power-couple Magdalena and Krzysztof from South Poland visited the Baltic Coast. These people are not just content creators. Beautiful Magdalena Antas aka Purple Lips and her husband photographer Krzysztof Antas came to our polish coast to charge their batteries.. and take pictures. We had a great time shooting with these two. Krzysztof captured us just being us, we didn’t have to really pose or act. It was natural and joyful and that is how I feel the pics turned out. Lately, Magda and Krzysztof got a vintage Van- soon to be turned into a magical vehicle! After the van-tastic metamorphosis, they will travel and capture their adventures, if you are interested in following them on their journey click here: <<click !>>

Krzysztof Antas is a lifestyle and wedding photographer, we were very inspired by his approach, you can tell working with people is his passion. Looking at the pictures afterward surprised me – he froze moments and captured raw emotions that I thought were there for seconds, if not less. At photo school this year I learned- backgrounds are as important as the subjects. We felt we are the most important “aspect” of the photo, but his eye for detail and surrounding was integral in telling the story- as you can see below. This guy really takes wonderfully emotive pictures, right?

And now, let Krzysztof tell you a story. Not just any story, OURS!

If you are inspired by these amazing artists and want to get in touch with Krzysztof and Magdalena Antas.. <<click here!>>

Magda on Instagram: <<click!>>

Krzysztof on Instagram: <<click!>>

Their new Van-Adventure on Instagram: <<click!>>

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