My Bag Collection for #AltewaiSaome opening Stockholm Fashion Week

Right after I got my first REAL JOB after graduating from Fashion School the girls from AltewaiSaome- Natalia and Randa – gave me the opportunity to design their leather accessories capsule for the brands’ 2013 Fall-Winter collection.

I went with SERIOUS OVER OVER SIZE. I designed a belt bag, cosmetic bag, cases for iPad & Phone and wallet.

Thinking about doing a revival of these Belt bags for my, what do you think? Would you prefer a leather or a textile version?

Sketches & Renders of the Collection
AltewaiSaome opened Fashion Week 2013 in Stockholm at famous Berns
Mega Belt Bag
Snapshots of the bags
Backstage at the show
Captured by fashion photographer Marcus Ohlsson with art direction by Jakob Hysén Hedberg and styling from Marcus Söder. Makeup by Anya de Tobon and hair styling from Mike Lundgren. Models starring in the shoot are Iris, Sara L and Carolina from Stockholmsgruppen.

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