Furry Curry Partnerlook: I made matching bucket bags and a Teddy Coat for my Dog

I love a perfect #partnerlook so since I made my dog “Wurst” this furry magenta oversized Coat I also had to make us two matching bucket bags.

I always had a thing for sailor strings. When we went fishing or sailing with my Dad when I was a kid, he showed me some knots and loops. Over the years I tried out different styles and taught myself some more or less basic techniques that allowed me to create woven stuff like bracelets, bag-handles, dog collars, or toys. For this bag handle, I used elastic sailor-string. It’s an amazing material because it can handle quite a lot of heavy shit in your bags but also amortizes it – so you don’t feel the actual weight.

Oh yes, wait a minute Mister POSE-man.
Oversized Teddy Coat in Magenta
Wurst being Wurst on our Neon Talk Blankets
Two furry Teddy Bags VS my retro Bambi-Bag thats 25 years old and holds our Laundry-clips


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