Hot Pink Satchel – I made a fusion furry Summer Bag

I like unusual combinations. The bag I designed and made this week is a medium-sized Satchel Bag. I went for juicy thick faux fur in a strong color, and a heavy rectangle-y shape. The hot pink teddy material is one of my favorites at the moment, I cannot stop touching it. The Satchel shaped bag can hold an Ipad Pro and all of my everyday tools – cosmetics, pens, a notebook, a little snack for my dog, wallet, iPhone, and even a rolled newspaper or magazine. I made a macrame bag strap in khaki and combined it with pink quick-release buckles on the sides.

Till recently I used Adobes’ Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign with my mouse or fingers on the MacBook Pro to create drawings, illustrations, stickers, and sketches. We got a new companion at home- the iPad Pro 11 and I REALLY regret all these years I spent without it. Additionally, we bought the Apple pencil and a real game-changer: paper-like screen protector – WHAT A JOY!

I love to draw on real paper and this feels just like it. So smooth and comfortable, the precision of paper in a paperless environment. Its matte finish makes it feel like you are really writing/drawing on paper rather than glass. Another big difference in creating artwork is: the size of the iPad allows me to work on my stuff practically everywhere. It is big enough to easily draw but small and light enough to carry it around with no “next time I’ll leave this heavy thing at home“-thoughts. I used Adobe Fresco for the illustrations below. Honestly: I can’t get enough of it, I already know this will take my creative flow and passion to a new level. Once again, well done Apple! I am a fan.

molto holding the furry teddy bag in hot pink
Hot Pink handmade Satchel
furry pink hot satchel teddy bag sketches made in adobe fresco on the ipad
Sketches & Renderings I made on the Ipad Pro using Adobe Fresco
the hotfurry teddy bag in hot pink in the park chilling
Working on a new project in the park
molto illustrated fashion illustration made in adobe fresco on the ipad
This Satchel can hold a lot!
teddy bag in hot pink with venus interior molto on the moltoblog
The bag I made this week: a fluo teddy Satchel!

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