Chinese Take-Away inspired Bag made from Jacquard

I developed a new Bag for a special project I have been working on in the past weeks. The inspiration: Chinese Take-Away (or Take-Out..) Boxes!

Humans have been buying food to go for as long as there have been societies. The concept of prepared meals to be eaten elsewhere was present in many ancient cultures.

As Asian food became more popular in the 1950s, it began to be sold in these paper containers. Despite being a 100% American creation, take away boxes have been associated with Chinese cuisine almost right away and have come to represent it throughout the US. The surprisingly sturdy disposable food boxes seemed ideal thanks to flat surfaces which made it easy to slide food onto plates and were practically leak-proof. Easy to produce, convenient, and they feature a sexy origami-inspired design. A little-known fact: these containers unfold into plates.

Creating this bag I literally went with the handy boxy take-away shape and made sure you got easy access to your belongings: I implemented a much-loved classic, the drawstring.

Thick and juicy flowery jacquard combined with mini seat-belts in a beautiful dove color, can a bag get sexier? Yes, it can! Add a neon pink lining and an additional tiny bag inside that you can wear separately as well.

Working on this piece made my imagination drool and creative veins pump- I HAD to make matching illustrations, duhhhh!

I started to sketch a Chinese tiger who later received a pair of sunglasses and a pastel finish. I spent a few hours drawing these illustrations and trying all the amazing features of the Adobe Fresco App for the iPad. In order to add edge to the Asian vibe I had going on in my mind I mixed it with a retro-neon-molto-splash. I dug out my favorite and most important sneakers I own – my first Nike Dunks from the early 2000′: these went through some harsh times on the feet of a dogged hiphop wannabe! They still make my heart jump.. especially today, styled with the Chinese Take-Away Bag.


PS: The earliest version of the Chinese takeout container was patented by inventor Frederick Weeks on November 13, 1894!

molto portrait with chinese tiger adobe fresco illustration
I am learning to make illustrations on the iPad using my ApplePencil / Chinese Tiger by Molto
Molto presents her new bag inspired by take away boxes sketched in adobe fresco
My shape drawings for the project and the final design – take away inspired!
molto swarovski ring making the chinese take away jacquard bag by hand
Mini Seatbelts as handles – gorgeous texture, I could touch these 24/7
molto portrait with the molto logo in chinese and cartoon tiger by molto made in adobe fresco for iPad
I tried to write MOLTO in Chinese, is it correct?
cartoon tiger by molto made in adobe fresco for iPad on the molto portrait with molto logo in chinese
molto alexandra kaminski putting on her favourite nike dunk sneakers from 2004 illustrated with retro dunks in baby blue and yellow
My first Nike Dunks from 2004
compilation of art illustrations by molto neon disco illustrator made in adobe fresco painted on male model michael dziengo
The tiger on Michaels face was my first rough drawing which I sharpened after
molto ka posing

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