“WHY NOT?” My new Molto Bag Collection

My new Molto Bag Collection is meant and designed to be everyday accessories that get you through your day comfortably. A Molto bag has to be by your side and carry all your essentials, letting you slide effortlessly from #office-ready during the day into #chic at night.

I design backwards – I start with the purpose and functions and end with the looks. A huge inspiration for this collection was my grandmother’s bag collection, retro croc-embossed with this timeless appeal that makes you want never to get rid of it.

It has been several years since I started making my own accessories and still the process of designing, producing, and bringing out a bag or a capsule collection is holy to me – exhausting but major fulfilling. Once I decided what type of bag I am making I go through materials, leather, and hardware and puzzle shit together until it feels right. I use Raccagni Zippers, a product I fell in love with many years ago visiting my first Leather Fair “Linea Pelle” in Bologna. Raccagni produces zippers for fashion-killers such as Dolce&Gabbana, Tom Ford, Mulberry, Paul Smith, Christian Dior .. and Molto! The sliders and pullers are made with durability and functionality in mind, their manufacturing process takes three weeks and it involves numerous individual steps which include tests for resistance to heat, humidity, and tarnishing. To finish, a coating is applied to the product, to protect it from any chemicals found in leather goods or on our skin ensuring it won’t corrode. And it’s the way these pieces are crafted that is central to the outstanding luxurious quality of Raccagni zippers and, ultimately Molto Bags.

The teeth, made from solid brass – are polished using precision sanding cubes, inside of which the teeth are tumbled to smooth off any rough edges, which not only ensures a seamless glide just as you would slide a knife through butter, but it prevents the mechanism jamming; a common fault in lower-grade zippers (which are often made from less robust aluminum and plastic). This meticulous polishing process is why you’ll find the slide action on Molto bags irresistibly smooth. This dedication to craftsmanship and brainy attention to detail means that the zippers in any of my designs will remain functioning as intended and look every inch an object of luxury – even after years of use.

The leather I use for my products is upcycled- that means I buy materials from premium fashion houses they did not use in their production. Making new leather causes major land and water degradation because turning skin into leather requires huge amounts of energy and dangerous chemicals end up in the rivers and oceans – I am happy I can avoid that in my production process.

Before I cut real leather I make a paper or textile prototype- to see and get an idea of the sizing and how it sits on the body maintaining the structured shape I want- if not, I need to add stiffening to some pieces or the whole bag. Molto Bags are meant to be reliable life companions and stand the test of time! After a few weeks of wearing the prototypes myself.. I make my decision which bag enters the final round.

These are the 4 winners of my “WHY NOT?” Molto Capsule Bag Collection which you can find on www.moltostore.com and www.moltostore.pl:

Black Molto purse croc-embossed with top handle
Barrel Mini Bag & Top Handle Purse
Barell Medium Bag
Messenger Bag & Barrel Medium Bag
Molto Barrel Mini Bag
Barrel Bags
Mini & Medium Barrel Bags

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